Full Service Wedding Planning – Destination and local

“Marriages happen every day, but yours is only this day, in this way, to this person.  I think it should stand out among the crowd” Kehrin Hassan

 At Jet Set Wed, we create a planning experience that is just as enjoyable as the day itself.  Working with the best vendors in the industry is only one way that we make that possible.  We also believe in building a personal relationship with our clients making the planning process something to look forward to every step of the way.  We keep you on track with budget, payments, and paperwork. With exclusive connections to wholesale pricing, paying for a wedding planner pays for itself. We map out a plan of action that is very easy to follow with our help throughout the entire process. Jet Set Wed is like having an upgrade to first class. We bring everything to you, you just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. 


Day of Coordination

“It’s like getting insurance on your car. You wouldn’t drive around without it.” Kehrin Hassan 

 Our Day Of Coordination can be more accurately decried as a chance to take a break after months of planning to sit back and watch it all come together. 

 We begin the process four weeks out from your wedding date by meeting with you at your venue to ensure that the best plans have been put in place for your event. We go over every detail of your day and point out any problems that may arise and guide you along the way to mending any loose ends. We then create a detailed timeline and diagram that is sent to all the vendors involved with your event so that we can all work together to ensure that the events occurring throughout the day are just as you expected them to be.  

 On your wedding day, we will typically be the first ones to arrive and often the last ones to leave.  Throughout the day we will be there to set up your event space to your specifications, attend to your needs as well as the needs of your guests, and to be the go to person for all of your vendors should they need anything throughout the day. This leaves you to enjoy yourself and soak up every moment you have created for you and your loved ones. 


Wardrobe Styling- For Weddings, Events, and Photo Shoots

 “I have always felt that if you look good, you feel good.For that reason it has always been very important to me to make sure that my clients always look their best.”  ~ Kehrin Hassan

 We offer Wardrobe styling for your wedding and all events surrounding your wedding day. We have many different levels of service to offer from selecting items from you personal wardrobe to taking you shopping to guide you in the right direction to find that perfect outfit that brings out the most confident you.  We treat styling just as we do our weddings; no detail is left behind. When you are styled by Jet Set Wed you are styled from head to toe with accessories, shoes, hair and makeup. If you feel amazing, we’ve done our job.


Photo Shoot Styling

“Every wedding begins and ends with a great photo.  I want my clients to look fabulous in each one because a photo is all you have when your day is done.” ~Kehrin Hassan

 Just as we style your wardrobe, we style your photo shoot.  Not only do we pay close attention to creating a wardrobe that fits you as an individual or the character you would like to become, we also create a backdrop to the story with assisting in selecting your location and props. Whether it be finding that perfect antique hot rod or the gorgeous victorian lounge, we locate it and style the perfect scene around it telling your story.  


Wedding & Event Decor Design

“My favorite part of the planning process (other than the dress) is the decor.  I style my event space just as I style my clients, from head to toe.” ~ Kehrin Hassan

 At Jet Set Wed, we love personal style. We thrive on getting to know our clients on a personal level to really dig in and find out who they really are. Everyone has a personal style whether they know it or not. Our specialty is finding it and communicating it in textures, prints, colors and energy. To ensure we achieve this result, we attend meetings with floral, design, linen, and rental with our clients. We create diagrams and sketches of the event space as well as design ideas. We collect inspiration from you and everything around us to create an event that is uniquely you. Nothing is set in stone until we receive your approval.  

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