Meet Kehrin

My idea of a Jet Set wedding is one that takes the guests on a journey of who you are as a couple. The feel, the sounds, the  energy all controlled to enhance the guests experience. A perfect wedding is one where no detail is left undone. Every element of the entire day was thought out and deliberately customized to reflect your relationship. With Jet Set Wed designing your wedding, the process of planning is almost as amazing as the outcome.

I dress, decorate, and dote on brides. I started planning weddings in 2006, fulfilling my urge to make these days the most amazing time in a brides life. I spent 2 year as Vice President of an events marketing firm, 2 years as an event coordinator for Donald Trump, 1 year as a co-owner of Charmed Weddings and countless nights fulfilling my duty as a maid of honor and bridesmaid in 7 weddings. Now I make my Jet Set brides the most beautiful, fortunate, and fabulous women that walked the earth. Too heavy? I don’t think so.

This is one of a handful of days that will stay with you for the rest of your life and I am responsible for the outcome. I feel the weight yet I’m so prepared.

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