Laurie & Grant, LaPlaya Beach and Golf Resort – Naples, FL


Celebrating A 10 Year Anniversary in New Years Fashion!
Laurie and Grant met as high school sweethearts. They fit perfectly in that all american story of the cheerleader and the star of the football team falling in love except their love was built to last! Deciding to have their celebration in January, near their wedding date, was a brilliant idea because it provided an opportunity to add a little new years flare to the party. Selecting tones of gold, silver, ivory and white we played up on the glamour and glitz of new years. We even added a play on words for the paper goods calling the bash the New Decade Celebration. To add personal touches we named each table after an important moment in Laurie and Grant life three of which being the birth of their beautiful children and of course ending with their 10 year anniversary. Debra from DM Paper Designs created a one of a kind logo of a clock striking 10 in roman numerals. We also requested guests to bring an object that reminded them of the couple to be added to their time capsule. The time capsule was even custom engraved. Kevin from Botanicals on the Gulf created the most luxurious floral arrangements perfectly constructed for a new Years inspired celebration such as this. Laurie’s hair and makeup was by the fabulous David and Daniel of Faces by Frohmberg at Salon Tease. For entertainment we called on the class act Jimmy Jam Productions. Laurie’s family had actually created a band that has since retired but they got back on stage to rock the house one more time and they were so great that Jimmy Jam shared the stage with them all night! The cake was brought out onto the dane floor on fire! Well, sort of. We asked Daniella of Ella’s Cakes to add a little flare with sparklers that we lit on fire just before sending the masterpiece out in the spotlight. As the night dwindled down guests were asked to take a small bottle of champagne with custom labels and instructions asking them to pop their bottle open on the Phelan’s 11th anniversary to celebrate with them wherever they may be. Thank you to Luminaire Foto for illustrating all the excitement and love that was there that night.

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