Products We Love! Nailtiques

My roomie Debra from DM Paper Designs gave me the best gift EVER! Check it out….. Do you have brittle short nails?  Do you hate getting acrylics or gel nails? Then I have an answer for you, NAILTIQUES!  NO MORE PEELING NAILS!  My nails were in VERY bad shape.  They were soft and tended to peel.  I have only been using this product for two weeks and I already see a major difference.  My nails look FABULOUS!  This is the best they have ever looked! Nailtiques is a nail polish with nail protein.  Protein helps give strength and length to the nail.   All you do is put one coat on everyday! It’s as easy as that! It’s quick drying so you can go about your day!  After two weeks you can use color nail polish with this product!  Thats right ladies, your nails can be gorgeous and gain strength at the same time!  All you do is use Nailtiques as the base coat, then add what ever color coat your choose, and then use Nailtiques as the top coat!  There are two different formulas for Nailtiques.  If you have soft, weak, peeling, brittle nails, like I did, you would buy formula 2.  If you already have strong beautiful nails you would buy formula 1.  You must be wondering, how do you get to formula 1?  Once you use up the bottle of formula 2, you can buy the bottle of formula 1 to maintain!  This is the best nail product out there! It is available at most drugstores for around $10.  It will be the best $10 you have ever spent.

Remember, if you have soft, weak, brittle nails purchase formula 2 HERE!

If you have strong nails that you want to maintain purchase formula 1 HERE!


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