All You Need is Love: Jenna and Tom’s Show Stopping Wedding

So I meet with Jenna and Tom at a starbucks while our office was under remodel and they tell me about how much they DID NOT want a planner.. lol It’s true.  They were afraid that all of their non-traditional quarky ideas would be crushed under the fist of an uptight do-it-my-way kinda planner.  Clearly they hadn’t met the likes of me.  They began telling me how they wanted their dogs to be a part of it.  They wanted non traditional all the way.  They didn’t like cake and could care less if it made an appearance at their wedding.  They wanted it fun easy-going with a little reggae and funk.  I felt like a died and went to JET SET WED heaven.  The venue was Seagate Park, a private little park in the couples neighborhood that was sweet and simple with picnic benches and a small pavilion.  The florals provided by Sue Bain of Signature Florals were bright and cheery.  The bridesmaid bouquets were placed in clutches.  I ordered dollar vases that the couple, along with the brides mother, painted in different shades of teal to resemble sea glass.  We had stationary designed by DM Paper Designs that had a fun theatrical feel which went perfect with the play like ceremony.   

The guests arrived to a birdcage card box and a bench to sign in leu of a guest book.  They then grabbed their flyer/program outlining the evening festivities, grabbed some popcorn from a vintage popcorn maker and took their seats to watch the main event Jenna & Tom’s Wedding.  

When the couple kissed for the first time as husband and wife the officiant held up the applause sign as guests gave the couple a standing ovation.  They then bowed as the bridal party threw roses at their feet.  Then the curtains acting as a backdrop to the ceremony part revealing the sweetheart table behind a curtain of roses.  The first course was hot tomato bisque with grilled cheese sandiches followed by an array of comfort food served family style.  The signs were created by the groom and since they couldn’t decide on the cake toppers, the bride made several of her own for guests to choose.  What was the solution to the cake issue you ask? Simple.  The RSVP was made into an ad-lib asking guests to bring a blank flavored pie, hence the variety of toppers.  There are so many more details but you’ll just have to see it to believe it.  The photo’s by Luminaire Foto are to die for. 



HAIR & MAKEUP: Faces by Frohmberg

VENUE: Seagate Park


CATERING: Websters Catering

FLORALS: Signature Florals

PHOTO & VIDEO: Luminaire Foto

BAND: Jahgape

BAND: Brian Sutherland Trio

STATIONARY: DM Paper Designs


2 thoughts on “All You Need is Love: Jenna and Tom’s Show Stopping Wedding

  1. Kehrin Hassan is one hell of woman to say the least! She is so dynamic and successful in honing into our personalities and style, then implementing it directly out wedding day! She was a huge success in delivering the unique wedding that we wanted but I know she could be just as successful working with a variety of other styles and ideas. From the minute we met Kehrin we knew that she was a keeper. Not only did she embrace our weirdness but she enhanced every idea that we had and then added some of her own spins which made the event even more special than we could ever imagined!

    She knew from learning about our character which vendors we would like and boy was she right! It was so refreshing to work with a team of different types of professionals from different companies that respected each others work so much and collaborated with one another to make the day perfect.

    It’s funny, for having such an nontraditional wedding we had those traditional dreamy feelings that every bride and groom seek; it was one of the best days of our lives. This is due to Kehrin’s talent in transforming the type of wedding day that you envision into something even better. “All you need is love!”

    Tom and Jenna Everts

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