JSW @ Bridal Fashion Week 2012, New York

This year New York Bridal Week was in October which is right at the beginning of season so I didn’t know if I would be able to go until about 8 days before the flight and when I called my fabulous intern Gina last minute to see if she wanted to join me, she said she had plans…. then she called back immediately and said “I don’t want to be like the Lauren Conrad that didn’t go to Paris, I’m in!” which was pretty much the cutest thing ever. She now explains she was in shock at the time…. I believe her, I mean who says no to NYC?


Thats Gina. And I didn’t know it was Gina’s first time in New York City until we were in the Taxi on the way to my girlfriends house (who we were staying with) and she was ooohing and awwwwing. I was like, “Wait, have you been to New York before?” when she said no, our plans immediately changed. We played hooky from the first show and decided to tour the streets of NYC. Sorry Winnie Couture but Im sure you can understand.


Then we decide to check out the Couture Runway Show having no idea how I was going to get us in since you had to preregister. When we showed up the line was incredibly long and I was beginning to think we were out until a lady, later to be introduced to us as the producer of the show, asked who we were with and since every runway show loves press I said PRESS! She took us out of line and gave us a fab spot at the end of the runway. YES!


The show was amazing and the next morning we decided to concur Pier 94, the host venue for the endless booths of designers showing off there latest lines. Here’s a few of our faves..
Rafael Cennamo whom blew my mind!

Hong Kong Designer Rania Hatoum’s Collection who’s sending me this dress for a Gatsby inspired shoot..*swoon*

Delphine Manivet whom gives you this adorable little doll with every purchase. So sweet.

Our final stop was to visit my bestie and mentor Stacie Francombe at her ISSE Alumni Party.


There were so many surprise visit from the top people in the industry like Shawn Rabideau, Diane Valentine, Ashley Baber, and of course who can forget the Queen of Cakes, Sylvia Weinstock!


Thanks NYC! Until next time MUAH!

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