Kim and Tonya

Kim and Tonya have become very dear friends of mine since being selected to do their wedding. They had a hard time finding someone that would be excited to do a same sex marriage but when they met me, they knew that wasn’t an issue. The planning process consisted of Kim giving me a budget and then Tonya and I trying to keep Kim ON that budget that she started We allowed for a little overage but overall, the wedding was amazing. The theme developed along the way beginning with a garden theme that was very green and natural. Kim wanted people to feel surrounded be greenery and lush textures. Tonya later decided she really wanted it to be fun and exciting like NYC so that everyone would feel like really getting down and letting loose. We compromised, we decided to do a NYC theme (which was also where many of Kim and Tonya’s friend were traveling in from) but it would be centered around Central Park so we could fill it with lush greens and gardens. Many of the elements were DIY’d by Kim and Tonya right down to the fountain that greeted the guests as they entered the room. The centerpieces were made of real branches and formed into tree’s that reached the ceiling. There was a late night snack for the guests of pretzels and warm nuts just as you would see on the streets of down town NY. The signature drink was an appletini that was topped with cotton candy that melted as the cocktail was poured. Even the cake was modeled after the empire state building. Choosing the dresses was no easy task as the couple didn’t want eachother to know what the other was wearing but they had to be similar in style. White wasn’t on the list of color choices so it narrowed down the options. Being the only person in between I was able to add a train to one and straps to another without them realizing it was in order to bring the two looks together. Tonya’s dress actually started as a bridemaid dress. Everything was more than we could have imagined. I laughed I cried and I kept them as long time friends. Photography by Karl and Nanette of Luminaire Foto captured perfectly as always!

Photography: Luminaire Foto
Venue: Naples Bay Resort
Floral: Botanicals on the Gulf
Linen: Connie Duglin
Cake: Kakes by Karen
Rental: Party Time Rentals


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